Why Nimble can be a great partner

Between reaching a niche and enhancing customer traffic, online and offline, Nimble assists

  • Champion a very pertinent social cause
  • Reinforce brand’s awareness and engagement with the Smartphone generation
  • Co-create tailor-made rewards which align well to existing customer reach initiatives
  • Schools, NGO, E-Commerce, Auto, Insurance, Brand Majors or Start-ups whoever you are and whatever your trade be – A partnership with Nimble can help further the cause of making our roads safer and the “driver in us” more informed.

What more...

Driver Engagement for Companies

Better Drivers, Better Employees, Safer Roads

A smartphone solution for organizations with car fleets OR serviced by Car Fleets, their drivers and employees who drive, that promotes good and safe driving in an engaging and rewarding way.

Features +

  • Quantified driving
  • Integrated Reward Platform
  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • Co-branding and CSR initiatives

Benefits +

  • Lower Fleet Cost

    Our Driver Engagement and Improvement Program lowers fuel cost (-10%) and reduces maintenance costs (-5%)

  • Boosted Engagement

    Offer drivers a challenging, fun and rewarding working environment leading to more engagement and motivation.

  • Reduced Risk & Insurance Cost

    Benefit from reduced accident rates (-25%), and reduced insurance costs (-30%)

Rated Drivers Program

Looking to recruit dependable drivers?
Whether you are looking for a short term solution or a more permanent one “Get to choose from a pool of Nimble rated drivers with high scores.” Use technology and driving metrics to make the decision about who is going to drive you around in today's manic traffic.
Coming soon...

A Different platform - Devices


GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Remote cut/off(Petrol/Power)
  • GPS+AGPS+LBS positioning
  • ACC detection for ignition status
  • Easy installation


GPS Asset Tracker

  • Low battery & Shutdown notice
  • Ip67 dust and waterproof
  • Voice monitor