FAQS about Nimble Drive Score for Online Driving test

  • What is Nimble?

    Nimble is a drive score application which provides the user with a drive score for any journey conducted. It analyses driving events like speeding, accelerating, braking etc to help the user understand his/her driving style via an easy to understand score.

  • What is a Nimble drive score?

    Nimble uses your mobile phone sensors to identify events. These events are then fed into an algorithm which helps calculate a drive score from 0 to 100, higher value score implying better driving.

  • Why do I need a drive score?

    Not everyone who drives fast is unsafe, similarly so is not everyone who drives slowly. Driving as a skill is subjective. With Nimble, we are trying to quantify driving and provide meaningful feedback on bad driving.

  • What benefits do I get from good Nimble drive score?

    Higher Nimble drive scores ensure that you are driving safer, smarter (saving fuel, lowering your maintenance cost etc) and sharper (avoiding unnecessary risks).
    This translates into becoming a responsible citizen on the street. Additionally, here at Nimble, we firmly believe rewards and incentives should promote greater wellbeing and hence we reward good score by incentives and (soon to be launched) coupons

  • Is the app only available on Android?

    Yes, for the time being Nimble app is only available on Android

  • Why do I need to share my phone number while logging in?

    We need the number for transferring rewards (ideally Paytm). In case you opt to login through Facebook or Google, you can still update the phone number in the profile section

  • I didn’t receive my cash back after completing the rides, what should I do?

    We are extremely sorry about the inconvenience. We would request you to write a mail to support@getnimble.in OR aman@getnimble.in and we will sort the issue out at the earliest.