Our mission is simple:
Help everyone understand and measure their driving style and in turn Drive Safer, Smarter, Sharper.

Our Story

Every Idea starts with a problem.Ours did too - Broken Driving!

Dont take our word for it - look at these stats - Did you know “Drivers' fault” has been identified as the single most important factor responsible for road accidents (84%), and almost similar percentage for deaths and injuries, (Ministry of Road and Transport’s Road Safety Report 2016).

Back in the winter of 2016, When we first started work on Nimble, the Idea was simple - to make an honest effort to eliminate the guesswork from understanding driving behaviour also referred to as - What is Safe Driving and What is not. Throughout history people have used data to make more informed decisions.Our task was to make driving more transparent,supported by data - more measurable (and here's hoping) SAFE. Some 700 bootstrapped days, 5000hrs and 22000Kms later, we brought Nimble to life, from the realm of the algorithms, mockups and wireframes, to the real world.

Nimble is simple, progressive and gameful. We use the latest technology to bring to life all the sound driving principles we were brought up with(remember all the backseat driving!!) to make driving relevant, rewarding and smart. Whether you want to use Nimble to break gender based driving stereotypes, compete for the best driver bragging rights between family or peers, Be the best Mum/Dad on the roads or just challenge and compete to be the best driver around - be proud that you are now a part of a new revolution. and the Revolution is growing...

App Features


    Braking, Speeding, Turning, Accelerating and more..

  • Focus

    Reduced distraction due to phone use


    Gameful design to ensure driving is fun and most importantly rewarding.

  • Awesome Crews

    Coming soon.