Learning to drive with Nimble: the Safe Driving app



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Driving Quantified

Join the Revolution - Drive Safer, Smarter, Sharper.


Smarter Drivers lead to
Safer Roads

At Nimble, our mission is to make roads safer by making drivers more aware of how they drive. We quantify your driving and provide you with an easy to understand Drive Score.

The safer you drive, the better your score.


Nimble is your motivation to become a smarter driver. The app tracks your trips & helps you drive without distraction. The safer you drive, the more points you earn. Points translate to rewards and more. Make your driving REWARD you


by DRIVERS like you,
for Drivers like you

App Features :
  • 1We score your drive
  • 2We help you better it
  • 3You win rewards for driving safer

How To Be Nimble

  • download

    Download the app from Google Playstore.

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    DRIVE Go for a drive with Nimble switched on.

  • get drive score

    GET YOUR DRIVE SCORE Finish the Drive and Get Your Score - Simple! Nimble analyses your drive and provides required inputs to better it.

  • CHALLENGES & CAMPAIGNS Join, Participate, Challenge, Share! Rise up Leaderboards, Win rewards and most importantly - Earn Bragging Rights!

Smart. Simple. Fun.

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Smart. Simple. Fun.

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